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"The knowledge and expertise you shared filled the gaps of my own learning."

- Former graduate, Dyslexia Knowledge & Strategies class [More Testimonials]

Educators & Professional Development

Educators with an understanding of dyslexia, and how it presents in the classroom, play an integral role in the emotional and academic success and failure of a student. Teachers that are aware of the signs of dyslexia, dysgraphia, dyscalclia, and can anticipate the necessary accommodations for students already diagnosed with a language-based learning difference will make an impact on student success.

TPE offers:

Dyslexia Knowledge & Strategies  Dates & Locations

  • Summer 2021, dates TBA
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Parent and Family Education

You suspect dyslexia or you have a diagnosis in your hand. Now what? There are bound to be questions and confusion, mixed in with fear and a few tears too. It is not uncommon to need time to process the amount of information coming your way, as many parents have little to no background knowledge of the topic. Some parents will start to recall their own struggles and idiosyncrasies as a young student. Others will spend hours researching. TPE understands what you’re going through because we have traveled down the same road. We are here for you, let us help you find the way.

TPE offers parents and families:


A network of parents and caretakers that can relate to your experiences. We're on this journey together; the only difference is we all started it on a different day.


The struggles and accomplishments of others are priceless. At first you might be the one asking all of the questions, and eventually you'll start to answer questions for others.

Free 2-Hour Class

Our Understanding Dyslexia class is  designed to provide an informational overview of dyslexia. It will help determine where your struggles may be coming from, and what the next steps should be.

Ongoing classes are available for parents and family members.


Keynote and Special Speaking Events

Nina Lorimor-Easley has presented to audiences including parents, students, educators, business owners and the Iowa Senate Education Committee at the Capitol. Personal experience and passion combined with academic knowledge and training and years of experience allow Nina to present on a variety of dyslexia-related topics. Whether you are looking for an emotional keynote speaker for hundreds, an informative presentation on dyslexia in the classroom, or a high-impact dyslexia simulation for a small group of educators, we have a message that will resonate with your audience.


Nina Lorimor-Easley

MsEdPsy, MEd

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