Give Us Six Weeks and We’ll Give You Learning Progress

When you enter the classroom at True Potential Education, the first thing you notice is a hum of activity. Students are engaged with teachers in different ways – magnetic tiles, pictures, art materials and finger motions. It’s clear that the students are engaged with the activities at hand. They don’t know, however, that as they are speaking, listening and manipulating objects, they’re building new and stronger pathways in their brains. They don’t know that they’ve embarked on a six-week learning journey that could take them through the equivalent of nine months or more of academic progress. How does this happen?

More Time

Our brains are amazing, but it takes some time for them to change. Imagine that you wanted to walk through a wooded area but there was no path to follow. Your first journey through the underbrush is going to be strenuous and slow. As you continue to walk the same route day after day, a path emerges and widens. Because you have been walking the path day after day, you start to do it automatically, without consciously thinking about your steps.

Learning progress for dyslexia

That’s similar to what’s happening with the neural connections in the brains of our students. During the school year we have two hours a week with them, but in our summer program we have 10 hours each week. Because of the sheer amount of time we spend together, it’s possible for students to leap ahead and realize the same amount of progress that would otherwise have taken months.


Less Stress

Who doesn’t love the change of pace that summer brings? Kids spend more time outside playing and have more unscheduled time during summer. A break in the school routine can mean a break from the stress that school brings to the struggling student. Parent and child are thankful that they don’t have to deal with homework and that makes life at home happier.

Less stress improves feelings of well-being and promotes better concentration. Just as stress can make people moody and negative, less stress can fuel a better attitude and nurture positive feelings about learning. As students experience the successful results of tutoring, their confidence and self-awareness increases. That’s enough to put anyone in a better mood!


It’s All About Them

At True Potential Education, our focus is always on the individual needs of your child. When you compare what we do to academic enrichment programs, you just aren’t going to see the same results because they don’t address the language processing differences that are obstacles to learning. Not only do we personalize instruction, we continually monitor learning progress and make adjustments that will lead to the highest possible level of success.

Dyslexia is a language-based learning difference and it doesn’t look the same for everyone. If the TPE summer program is your first step in getting help for your struggling student, we’re going to learn a lot about your kiddo in our six weeks with them that could very well point to other interventions like Speech and Language Services, or Assistive Technology that will not only validate your concerns but get your child on track for academic and personal success.


Nine Months Average Gain of Progress in Six Weeks

Kids who come to our Summer Intensive Literacy Program make progress. We’ve measured the average gain in reading comprehension for our students of 9.1 months. Wow! What would that kind of success mean for your child going into the new school year? Here’s what the results of the TPE summer class meant to one family:

"Our family wanted to thank you all from the bottom of our heart! We were so glad fate had our paths cross at the right moment… our first-grade son was struggling with reading and starting to dislike school. You helped us understand his unique challenges and with tutoring, you’ve helped him become a great reader. Perhaps more importantly, this built his academic confidence and ability to learn that will forever change his life path!"

NOTE: All students learn differently and at their own pace. While we cannot guarantee specific academic gains a student will make over the course of the program, we are pleased to report that by targeting phonological awareness our students have made significant progress in complex reading comprehension.

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