No two dyslexic processors handle language exactly the same way, nor do they have the exact same struggles. That being said, there are many commonalities that occur on a spectrum that can collectively point to a language learning disability such as dyslexia.

Often, strengths or skills surface that may cause a person to discount dyslexia. Strengths in the areas of  mechanics or design, empathy, athleticism, and extreme creativity or "out of the box" thinking are common.  In addition, please know that many dyslexic students may...

  • have a large oral vocabulary and excel at learning and recalling details in areas of interest.
  • like books, and appear to read well.
  • excel on standardized tests at school.
  • get good or even great grades.
  • never be identified by the public school system as having any problems or issues.

Please refer to this checklist of common characteristics for children from PRESCHOOL - 3RD GRADE


Refer to this checklist of common characteristics for students in 4TH GRADE AND ABOVE