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Dyslexia is caused by weaknesses in core language skills such as phonological awareness, phonological memory, sound-to-symbol awareness. With proper interventions, dyslexia can be remediated. With work, students can be come very good readers, writers and spellers.

Our remediation strategies are scientifically proven, and targeted to address these exact weaknesses, building a strong foundation for language skills. We do not "test" our students any more than is absolutely necessary. Progress in the program is largely monitored with formative assessment, and proof of mastery.  Formal progress monitoring is utilized to measure progress in the program, which translates to increased foundational skills.

The data samples below are typical of our students. In addition, our students gain confidence, a better sense of who they are, how they learn, and begin to believe in themselves and their own intellect.  This is the greatest service we offer!

Students increase sound-to-symbol awareness by 61.15 percentage points on average


Students increase passage comprehension by 27.42 percentage points on average

Passage Comprehension