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How do I know if speech services are needed?

Speech services may be needed if the client exhibits any of the following:

  • A diagnosis of autism, down syndrome, or other developmental delay
  • Speech is difficult to understand
  • Multiple and/or inconsistent speech errors
  • Delayed speech (not combining two or more words by 2 years)
  • Errors on pronouns, verb tenses, or sentence structure
  • Do not seem to understand questions or directions
  • Cannot express self using sentences similar to peers
  • Difficulty interacting socially with peers
  • Voice sounds nasal, hoarse, harsh, or breathy
  • Stuttering
  • Foreign accent is impacting work or social communication
  • Struggling in academic subjects

How long will the speech sessions be?

Typically, sessions last for 30-60 minutes depending on the client’s age and needs.  Each session will end with 5 minutes of consultative discussion. The duration and frequency of your sessions will be discussed with you during your consultation with our speech language pathologist. We will work with you to set up a schedule that best suits your wants and needs.

 How long will I need speech services?

This is a tricky question. It really depends on the type and severity of the area(s) being addressed in therapy. Home practice and motivation also play important roles in clients’ success.

At what age should I seek help?

The earlier the better! Early intervention is key in helping clients reach their true potential as soon as possible. We see clients that range from pediatrics to geriatrics.