"The report received from True Potential was amazing. The information will be so helpful as we continue to help Alex with reading."
- from the school of a TPE student [more testimonials]

Advocacy Services

When it comes to navigating the special education process, going it alone is not so fun. It is difficult to know what to expect, what to prepare and what to say. TPE staff can help you understand and prepare for the process, as well as be a third party voice to validate your concerns. Our services can include, but are not limited to:

  • Special Education Process Consultation
  • Meeting and Document Preparation
  • Preparation of Suggested List of Accommodations
  • IEP and 504 Review


IEP and 504 meeting Attendance

While we don't like to say that IEP or 504 meetings consist of "sides"...it's nice to have someone on your side. When attending meetings about your child's abilities, weaknesses and struggles it is only to be expected that emotions will run high. It can be helpful to have a person alongside you that can take note of what is being said, and can speak to your students strengths and weaknesses without the full extent of emotion that a parent brings.

We will attend your IEP or 504 meeting with you. We can take the lead, be knowledgeable voice, take notes for you, or we can simply be there for moral support...as you wish.

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Report Interpretation

Unfortunately, there are many services available regarding dyslexia that might not be as helpful or useful as we would like them to be. The keys to a quality dyslexia diagnostic report are:

  • The information is complete and reports subtest scores, not aggregate scores.
  • The proper elements of language are assessed.
  • The report provides direction for the family.

If you received a diagnostic report that you don't understand, we can help you sort through it and determine what best next steps would be.


Sign Language

American Sign Language (ASL) is a wonderful alternative to learning a traditional foreign language, and for a visual spatial learner, it can be  incrementally easier to master. True Potential Education offers a full variety of ASL classes depending on what the learner's goals are. Classes are offered individually, in a group of two, or virtually.