Word recall program

Addressing word recall struggles can be the key to improving fluent usage of names and words studied in classes or associated with personal, academic, or social activities.

Does your child:

  • Know the word he/she wants to say, but cannot think of it?
  • Have¬†difficulty remembering the names of people, places or objects that he/she knows?
  • Substitute
    • a real word for a nonsense word that sounds like the real word he/she can't remember (such as, says "custard" for mustard; "geophy" for geography)
    • the function of the word he/she can't remember (such as, says "cutting" for scissors)
    • a description word for the word he/she can't remember (such as, says "the brown one" for penny)
    • vague words for words he/she can't remember (such as, says "stuff, you know, watch-a-ma-call-it")?

If the comments above sound familiar, keep reading!

Word Recall at True Potential Education

The word recall program at True Potential Education focuses on improving student's word recall skills by addressing the error pattern that is specific to each individual. The purpose of the program is to provide word retrieval strategy instruction, and then word-finding self-advocacy and word-finding accommodations.


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